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I want you to know im not dead i just moved my daily routine to google+ it is pretty much my social life now so yeah if you wanna talk to me about something or check out my activities (which is basically anime watching) then im there

Anime: K Project

2015-05-25 01:39:07 by shadowRian

i watched this anime called K the other day one of the best and colorful anime's ive seen in awhile, it also has a mindblowing ending to the first season (as most animes do lol) i highly recommend for action lovers


Random Topic/Return?

2015-05-19 16:59:26 by shadowRian

Hi Tell me whats your favorite thing to talk about? for me its, anime, superheros's, dubstep and games! tell me your favorite things in the comments, Also unfortunetly im not making a return as an artist but with this new computer i will be online often on newgrounds, so :D Also your all awesome!

new post

2014-08-20 01:57:36 by shadowRian

im just posting something new since i was gone for a while ill tell exactly why ive been gone for a while...ive been searching for work which is going absolutely horrible so in other news still working on 3dmax and just enjoying my summer, playing video games and stuff for some reason ive been addicted to skyrim like i cant stop playing it lol

shadowrians Art Work

2014-02-24 15:14:04 by shadowRian

officially started drawing agian im gonna show my sketches before i get back into the full scale pics and now i will posting full body artwork and not just heads, also a top secret project is underway, what will it be? youll find out ;)

Video Gamez!!!

2014-02-13 00:54:18 by shadowRian

just wondering whats your favorite and least favorite?

i Return

2013-12-25 17:33:20 by shadowRian

i gots me a computer :) i dont know when i plan on continuing my work and stories but i ve been expirementing on 3d max and drawing programs so im sure ill come up with better awesomer idea's


2013-07-15 09:14:48 by shadowRian

im feeling so lazy this summer which is unusual for me, anyways if anyone wants to contact me the easiest way is to email me my email is raptorwarpig@Gmail. com

computer broke

2013-05-02 23:47:50 by shadowRian

well crap... looks like ill have to do this by phone hut yeah no stories or drawings for a while ...sorry for those who care


2013-01-03 21:20:40 by shadowRian

The final part of my series is here! please read the other stories before reading this! IF YOU READ THEM ALREADY WELCOME BACK!! STARTING OFF THIS NEW YEAR WITH A BANG!!!

*nero sitting on his throne in a dark castle, that lies right on the outside of the city stands up and yells in anger*
Nero: THAT DAMN GOLEM AND IKARI! they've caused too many interference's! but nether the less... its time warpath! its time to show this city What The virus can Really Do!
Warpath: Are we doing this alone sir?
Nero: no you'll be assisted by your fallen comrades! HAHAHA.... *uses powers to bring back a zombified behemoth and a zombified inferno and his dragon!
Behemoth: master! broguht me back!?
Inferno: i live yet again thanks to master nero!
Nero: you too only serve one purpose now... and that is too spread the virus all over the city, oh and please try to cause as much damage as possible and you may kill ikari, but i want Golem! i need to show him the full extent of the corruption!
and there is one more person id like to resurrect! * brings back a figure wearing a skull mask*
???: Nero! where is ikari! i will slay that asshole!
Nero: thats why i brought you back! we are giong to kill him and crush his little syndicate once and for ALL
???: right! i will REAP THEM ALL!!!

END OF INTRO! stay in touch for more! (ill be updating this alot please give me tips/help before i finish updating and start the next!)