Entry #22

Almost 10 years

2017-08-16 21:27:45 by shadowRian

its amazing to have left your mark on a place then go back to it (and noted my other account is 100% dead) and just view the nostalgia i feel old now too kinda crazy but i had to return to my roots, im not gonna lie im not super active and check back here once a month but i support all of you, whether your a content creator dishing out new movies, games, art even killing it on the forums or your just here too have fun and view everything good luck with your goals and cya when i see ya


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2017-10-20 01:13:06


so i was looking through my old dm's and i stumbled upon this old gem. its our old chat after the old newgrounds chat got shut down.

but yeah im on the same boat as you are, but its always nice to comeback.

(Updated ) shadowRian responds:

yeah good times with the bros and good ol general mario cool times indeed, i hope your life is going along swell and at the very least glad to hear from ya


2017-10-20 01:17:41

Nostalgia, shit that'll tear you apart when you're feeling blue...

shadowRian responds:

yeah thats true also, i try to remember the good things though not past hardships and things along that line, but hope you guys are doing alright