if anyone still ever visits here...

2015-10-03 00:44:33 by shadowRian

I want you to know im not dead i just moved my daily routine to google+ it is pretty much my social life now so yeah if you wanna talk to me about something or check out my activities (which is basically anime watching) then im there


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2015-10-03 04:02:05

Google+ is actually a thing?

.... I didn't know that.

shadowRian responds:

cant tell if your serious or sarcasm


2015-10-03 14:53:34

oh wow i used google+ for a bit but there really wasn't much going on so i think that's when i came to NG i think lol

shadowRian responds:

ive been on ng a very long time... its changed so much, and i guess i couldnt keep up i will still be poking in here and there